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Play Tennis Betting in Australia with Rocketplay

Tennis betting has gained immense popularity in Australia, with enthusiasts eager to test their predictions and make the games even more thrilling. Among the many platforms available, Rocketplay Sports Betting stands out as a premier destination for tennis enthusiasts looking to engage in the excitement of betting on their favorite games. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of tennis betting in Australia, focusing on the unique offerings of Rocketplay, including reasons to choose it, a list of available tennis games, valuable betting tips and strategies, frequently asked questions, exclusive promotions and bonuses, responsible gaming practices, and significant tax implications.

tennis sports betting in australia

Rocketplay Sports Betting:

Rocketplay is a leading online sports betting platform that has earned a reputation for its user-friendly interface, diverse betting options, and exceptional customer service. With a particular emphasis on tennis betting, Rocketplay has become a go-to destination for Australian sports enthusiasts seeking a thrilling and secure betting experience.

Why Choose Rocketplay Tennis Betting:

Extensive Coverage:

Rocketplay offers an extensive range of tennis events, covering major tournaments, grand slams, and smaller competitions. This ensures that users have various matches catering to different preferences and interests.

Competitive Odds:

Rocketplay strives to provide users with competitive odds, enhancing the potential returns on their bets. With a commitment to fair and transparent pricing, users can be confident they are getting the best possible value for their wagers.

User-Friendly Platform:

The Rocketplay platform is designed with user experience in mind. Navigating through the website or mobile app is seamless, making it easy for beginners and experienced bettors to place their bets effortlessly.

Live Betting:

Rocketplay offers live betting options for tennis matches, allowing users to engage in real-time action and adjust their strategies based on the unfolding events of the game.

Secure Transactions:

Security is a top priority at Rocketplay. The platform employs advanced encryption technology to safeguard user information and financial transactions, providing a secure environment for betting activities.

List of Tennis Games You Can Bet in Australia:

With its rich tennis culture, Australia hosts many exciting tournaments and events that captivate fans and provide ample opportunities for tennis betting enthusiasts. Rocketplay ensures comprehensive coverage, offering betting options on various tournaments. Here’s a detailed list of tennis games you can bet on in Australia:

Australian Open:

The first Grand Slam of the year, hosted annually in Melbourne, the Australian Open attracts top players from around the world. With scorching summer temperatures, this hardcourt tournament sets the stage for intense battles.

Davis Cup:

The Davis Cup is the premier international team competition in men’s tennis. Countries compete in a knockout format, and Rocketplay allows users to bet on individual matches as well as overall ties.


Steeped in tradition and elegance, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Played on grass courts, it is known for its unique atmosphere and fiercely contested matches.

US Open:

The US Open, held in Flushing Meadows, New York, is the final Grand Slam of the year. Rocketplay offers extensive betting options on this hardcourt tournament, featuring thrilling night sessions and iconic moments.

French Open:

The only Grand Slam event played on clay courts, the French Open at Roland Garros tests players’ endurance and adaptability. Users can engage in a variety of betting markets for this prestigious tournament.

ATP Tour:

The ATP Tour consists of numerous tournaments held throughout the year, showcasing the best male tennis players globally. Rocketplay covers events like the ATP Finals, Masters 1000 series, and other ATP Tour events.

WTA Tour:

For fans of women’s tennis, the WTA Tour offers a dynamic calendar of tournaments, each presenting unique challenges. Rocketplay allows users to bet on women’s matches, including Grand Slam events and WTA Premier tournaments.

Hopman Cup:

Although the Hopman Cup is no longer part of the official tennis calendar, its historical significance makes it a memorable event for fans. Rocketplay may still offer betting options on similar team competitions.

Brisbane International:

As part of the Australian Open Series, the Brisbane International attracts top players preparing for the first Grand Slam of the year. Users can explore various betting markets for matches in this tournament.

Sydney International:

The Sydney International serves as a crucial warm-up event ahead of the Australian Open. Rocketplay provides users with betting opportunities on both men’s and women’s matches in this tournament.

By offering a diverse array of tournaments, surfaces, and playing conditions, Rocketplay ensures that tennis betting enthusiasts in Australia have a wide selection of games to engage with throughout the year. Whether you’re a fan of Grand Slam spectacles or enjoy the excitement of regular tour events, Rocketplay has you covered with an extensive range of tennis betting options.

Tennis Betting Tips:

Successful tennis betting requires knowledge, analysis, and strategic thinking. Here are some essential tips to enhance your tennis betting experience:

Player Form and Fitness:

Assess the recent performance and physical condition of players before placing bets.

Surface Specialization:

Different players excel on different surfaces (grass, clay, hardcourt). Understanding surface preferences can provide a valuable edge.

Head-to-Head Records:

Analyze the historical matchups between players to identify trends and potential outcomes.

Injury Updates:

Stay informed about player injuries, as they can significantly impact match outcomes.

Weather Conditions:

Weather can affect playing conditions, especially in outdoor tournaments. Consider how elements like wind and heat might influence the game.

Game Styles:

Different players have distinct playing styles. Consider how a player’s style matches up against their opponent’s.

Momentum and Confidence:

Pay attention to players’ confidence levels and momentum, which can significantly influence performance.

Tournament Importance:

Some players perform better in major tournaments, while others may excel in smaller competitions. Consider the significance of the event to the players involved.

Tennis Betting Strategy:

Developing a sound betting strategy is crucial for long-term success. Here are some key elements to consider when creating your tennis betting strategy:

Bankroll Management:

Set a budget for your betting activities and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses and prioritize responsible gambling.

Research and Analysis:

Stay informed about player statistics, recent form, and historical performance. In-depth research can provide valuable insights for making informed betting decisions.


Focus on specific tournaments, players, or types of bets to develop expertise in a particular niche.

Live Betting Opportunities:

Take advantage of live betting options to adapt to changing match dynamics and secure better odds.

Keep Emotions in Check:

Emotional decisions can lead to poor choices. Stick to your strategy and avoid impulsive bets based on excitement or frustration.

Shop for the Best Odds:

Compare odds across different bookmakers to ensure you get the best bet returns.

Understand the Rules:

Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of tennis to make accurate predictions and avoid costly mistakes.

Track Your Bets:

Maintain a record of your bets, including wins and losses. This helps identify patterns, assess the effectiveness of your strategy, and make necessary adjustments.

Stay Disciplined:

Discipline is critical to successful betting. Avoid making bets on a whim or deviating from your strategy based on short-term outcomes.

Continuous Learning:

The world of tennis is dynamic, with players evolving and new talents emerging. Stay updated on the sport, adjust your strategy accordingly, and continue learning to stay ahead of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is online tennis betting legal in Australia?

Yes, online tennis betting is legal in Australia. However, users must adhere to the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 regulations.

How do I register at Rocketplay for tennis betting?

To register at Rocketplay, visit their official website and follow the simple registration process. Provide the necessary details, create an account, and start enjoying their tennis betting offerings.

What types of tennis bets are available at Rocketplay?

Rocketplay offers a variety of tennis bets, including match-winner, set betting, total games, and live betting options.

Are there any bonuses for new users at Rocketplay?

Yes, Rocketplay provides exclusive welcome bonuses for new users. Check their promotions page for the latest offers.

How can I deposit and withdraw funds at Rocketplay?

Rocketplay offers multiple secure payment options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Withdrawals can be processed through the same methods.

Is live streaming available for tennis matches on Rocketplay?

Rocketplay provides live streaming for selected tennis matches, allowing users to watch the action live while placing their bets.

What measures does Rocketplay take to ensure responsible gaming?

Rocketplay is committed to promoting responsible gaming and provides features like self-exclusion, deposit limits, and reality checks to help users manage their gambling activities responsibly.

Are there any loyalty programs for regular users at Rocketplay?

Yes, Rocketplay rewards loyal users with a comprehensive loyalty program, offering perks such as cashback, exclusive promotions, and personalized bonuses.

Can I bet on both ATP and WTA events at Rocketplay?

Absolutely. Rocketplay covers a wide range of tennis events, including both ATP (men’s) and WTA (women’s) tournaments.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues on the Rocketplay platform?

In case of technical issues, contact Rocketplay’s customer support through their live chat, email, or phone support for prompt assistance.

Rocketplay Promos and Bonuses:

Rocketplay offers a variety of promotions and bonuses to enhance the betting experience for users. These may include:

Welcome Bonus:

Upon signing up, new users are often greeted with a generous welcome bonus, providing additional funds to kickstart their tennis betting journey.

Reload Bonuses:

Existing users can enjoy reloading bonuses, which offer additional funds when they top up their accounts.

Free Bets:

Rocketplay may offer free bets on specific tennis events, allowing users to place wagers without risking their funds.

Cashback Offers:

In the event of losses, Rocketplay may provide cashback offers to refund the user’s losses partially.

Loyalty Programs:

A comprehensive loyalty program that rewards users for their consistent engagement, offering perks such as cashback, exclusive promotions, and personalized bonuses.

Tournament Specials:

Rocketplay may introduce special promotions and bonuses during significant tennis tournaments, providing users with unique opportunities to boost their winnings.

Responsible Gaming Practices:

Rocketplay is committed to promoting responsible gaming and provides several features to help users maintain control over their betting activities:


Users can choose to self-exclude from the platform for a specified period if they feel the need to take a break from gambling.

Deposit Limits:

Rocketplay allows users to set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits to control the money they spend on betting.

Reality Checks:

Users can activate reality checks and receive notifications about the time spent on the platform to help them manage their gaming sessions.

Account Cooling-Off Period:

Users can opt for a cooling-off period, temporarily restricting access to their accounts.

Links to Support Organizations:

Rocketplay provides links and information about support organizations that assist individuals with gambling-related issues.

Point Spread:

This is the most common betting line, where a certain number of points favor one team, and the other is the underdog. Bettors can choose to wager on either team to cover the spread.


Betting on the outright winner of a game without considering the point spread. Moneyline odds reflect the amount needed to win $100 or the potential profit on a $100 bet.

Over/Under (Totals):

This line predicts whether the total combined score of both teams will be over or under a specified number set by the sportsbook.

Parlays and Teasers:

These involve combining multiple bets into a single wager. Parlays require all bets to win for a payout, while teasers allow adjustments to point spreads for lower payouts.

Tax Implications:

Australian bettors need to be aware of the tax implications associated with their winnings:

Tax-Free Winnings:

In Australia, gambling winnings, including those from sports betting, are generally not subject to income tax.

Professional Gambling:

If you consider yourself a professional gambler, your winnings may be regarded as income, and you may be required to pay taxes. Seek advice from a tax professional for personalized guidance.


Keeping detailed records of your bets, wins, and losses is advisable. This documentation may be helpful if you must provide evidence to tax authorities.

Seek Professional Advice:

As tax laws can be complex and subject to change, consulting with a tax professional is recommended to ensure compliance with current regulations.

Ready to Play Tennis Betting in Australia? - Register at Rocketplay:

If you’re ready to experience the excitement of tennis betting in Australia, follow these simple steps to register at Rocketplay:

Visit the Rocketplay Website:

Go to the official Rocketplay website by entering the URL in your browser.

Click on ‘Register’:

Look for the ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’ button on the homepage and click on it.

Provide Details:

Fill in the required information, including your name, email address, date of birth, and preferred currency.

Create a Password:

Choose a secure password for your account.

Verify Your Account:

Follow the instructions to verify your account, which may involve clicking on a verification link sent to your email.

Make a Deposit:

Once your account is verified, make an initial deposit using one of the available payment methods.

Explore Tennis Betting Options:

Navigate to the tennis section of the platform to explore the available games and betting options.

Place Your Bets:

Select your desired tennis match, choose your bets, and confirm your wager.

Enjoy the Action:

Watch the matches live, track your bets, and experience the thrill of tennis betting on Rocketplay.


Tennis betting in Australia offers a thrilling and dynamic experience, and Rocketplay Sports Betting stands out as a premier platform for enthusiasts. With a user-friendly interface, a wide range of tennis events, competitive odds, and a commitment to responsible gaming, Rocketplay provides a comprehensive and enjoyable betting experience. By following the provided tips, strategies, and responsible gaming practices, users can enhance their chances of success while maintaining a safe and enjoyable betting journey. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to tennis betting, Rocketplay is ready to elevate your experience. Register today and dive into the excitement of tennis betting in Australia!

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